Accelarating a major transformation in distribution channels
Client: ATAG Date: Dec, 2018

Accelarating a major transformation in distribution channels

ATAG Benelux is, with it’s history since 1856, a meaningful name in the Dutch market for kitchen appliances. ATAG is offering a complete and innovative product range with three A-brands;:ATAG, Pelgrim and ETNA. Since 2018 ATAG is part of the Hisense Group, one of the world’s largest players in consumer electronics and household appliances.

“It was a pleasure working with the founders of JigsEye who supported us to translate the strategy of each of our brands to a clear focus to perform. In several workshops with all departments a balanced project portfolio for our three brands was established to prevent overload and speed up execution. During these workshops they showed their passion to bridge scientific knowledge and practice while continuously sticking to the strategy. A so-called Strategic Transition Wall® was developed for ATAG Benelux in order to have an easy and to-the-point methodology to follow up on the strategic transition.” - Jeroen van Benthem, CEO ATAG Benelux

Traditionally all three brands market their product through kitchen retailers. In a rapidly changing world impacted by information availability and technological developments, the customer base is changing rapidly. Consumers are no longer expected to turn to retailers, but prefer direct purchases. ATAG adjusted it’s strategy and positioning of the three brands to meet the changing customer needs. At the same time the company is not only working on product innovation, but is extending it’s focus to innovation beyond products. Facing a major transformation with limited resources, ATAG Benelux needed to set clear priorities to ensure execution of the strategy.

JigsEye worked with the Board of ATAG Benelux and supported them to:

  • Translate the strategy of each brand to a clear ‘focus to perform’. What does a brand have to be good at to reach the desired positioning?
  • Gain insight into how each brand contributes to (changing) customer needs;
  • Choose a clear focus for each brand;
  • Per division of ATAG Benelux, determine which projects do (not) contribute to the required strategic transition and set clear priorities;
  • Work with all divisions to impart insight into the transition ahead and help to set clear focus and priorities;
  • Establish a balanced project portfolio transcending the three brands, to prevent overload and speed up execution;
  • Develop a Strategic Transition Wall®, an easy and to-the-point methodology for the Board of ATAG to follow-up on the strategic transition.