Accelerating execution of the innovation agenda of a European association
Client: ENCORD Date: Dec, 2018

Accelerating execution of the innovation agenda of a European association

ENCORD is the European Network of Construction companies for Research and Development. The association works on challenges in the construction industry for a continued quality of life in the European Union. ENCORD ‘Unites to Innovate’.

“What we have done with Jigseye in a couple of intense sessions, would have taken us months or years on our own” - Norbert Pralle, President Encord

The association consists of 20+ members, all leading construction companies and suppliers of construction materials, with operations worldwide. All strongly devoted to innovation. Together they employ 1,15 million employees and realise a turnover of over 205 billion Euros.

JigsEye supported the Board of ENCORD to set the agenda for the coming years to increase visibility and impact, by building a Strategic Portfolio Framework® to:

  • Define the “client” of ENCORD;
  • Tighten the ‘reason to exist’ of ENCORD and translate it to a very concrete focus to perform for the coming years;
  • Define clear (developing) customer needs to address;
  • Determine how all activities within ENCORD actively contribute to the customer needs and the chosen strategy. Based on this set clear priorities in the shorter and longer term;
  • Create alignment by involving all council- and working group members and show them how they contribute to the customer needs in line with the ENCORD strategy and customer needs;
  • Choose a clear focus and decide which projects to accelerate and/or put ‘on hold’, based on the focus chosen;
  • Build a roadmap for the European teams with all working groups to accelerate strategy execution.