Preparing for (extreme) disruption in core markets
Client: HZPC Date: Dec, 2018

Preparing for (extreme) disruption in core markets

HZPC is an innovative global market leader in potato breeding, seed potato trade and product concept development. The company operates worldwide in more than 19 countries and exports to over 80 countries. By using HZPC varieties and seed potatoes, potato growers worldwide can achieve a sustainable and healthy crop growth, while taking responsibility for people and the environment into account.

The market of HZPC is rapidly changing under influence of demographic-, climate change and fast technological developments. New entrants and disruptive technologies are expected to enter the market. How to execute on a long term strategy while improving today’s performance?

JigsEye supported HZPC in preparing for disruption while maintaining today’s business by:

  • Identifying relevant drivers, market development en changing customer needs that will influence HZPC in the (near) future;
  • Identifying phases in HZPC’s strategy and translating it to a clear ‘focus to perform’;
  • Building a Strategic Portfolio Framework®.

JigsEye realized a balanced project portfolio that contributes to the short- and long term strategy, while speeding up execution.