Preparing for a shift in customer base
Client: Saltro Date: Dec, 2018

Preparing for a shift in customer base

Saltro is an innovative diagnostic center, promoting high quality healthcare in a decentralising healthcare system in the Netherlands. Saltro finds oneself in a dynamic environment where finance structures and roles in healthcare are changing rapidly and frequently. While the influence of health insurance firms is increasing, the expectations and behaviours of patients and (potential) clients are shifting. These changes trigger price pressure and the need for innovation.

Fast technological developments will likely impact the core business of Saltro and offer opportunities at the same time. Saltro is anticipating a major shift in her client base with consumers increasingly making use of the diagnostic health services directly.

As resources can only be allocated once, all these changes combined force Saltro to make sharp choices about which projects to pursue and to terminate in light of their strategic vision.

“Sonja Schasfoort and Linda Kester, partners of JigsEye, have supported us in establishing a rational program- and project portfolio. Their way of working is intelligent, professional, constructive, reflective, educational and full of humor. Their working method in which a tailor-made framework shows customer needs related to strategy is top-notch. The result is a tailor-made project portfolio for our company complete with a methodology to monitor progress of execution and make adjustments if needed. An inspiring trajectory and result!” - Esther Talboom, Chairman of the executive board / CEO Saltro

JigsEye supported Saltro’s executive board and management team in bridging from strategy to execution by building a Strategic Portfolio Framework ®. This enabled Saltro to:

  • Obtain a structured overview of trends, developments and changing customer needs as well as insights into a shifting customer base;
  • Translate the Saltro strategy into clear ‘areas to perform’ for each phase of the strategy;
  • Gain insight in how every project within the Saltro organization does (not) contribute to the strategy and customer needs;
  • Choose a clear focus for the organisation;
  • Establish a balanced portfolio of projects that contribute to execution of the long term strategy while maintaining today’s business.