Digital Marketing Strategy by Nyenrode


Digital Marketing Strategy by Nyenrode

Blended class by Nyenrode Business University

The digital world is changing rapidly. Is it your job to improve business objectives with the strategic use of digital marketing and social media? Then you not only need thorough, up-to-date knowledge, but also a vision for the future. In the Digital Marketing Strategy lecture series by Nyenrode Business University, you will learn from experienced professors and experts in digital marketing, social media, technology, digital media and strategy.

The blended class Digital Marketing Strategy is an optimal mix between an online learning trajectory with like-minded people and substantive webinars where content and networking are combined. The blended class includes these topics:

Dr. ir. Linda Kester is an executive teacher in this blended class Digital Marketing Strategy. The professor by Nyenrode Business University is prof. dr. Henry Robben. As a Marketing professor, Henry conducts research into strategic marketing and innovation management. His credo: “successful marketing comes from thorough analyses, along with common sense”. More information about Henry:

More information about the blended classes by Nyenrode:

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