21-09-2022 sustainability: speed up the transition - MASTERCLASS BY JIGSEYE & THEROCKGROUP


21-09-2022 sustainability: speed up the transition - MASTERCLASS BY JIGSEYE & THEROCKGROUP

You are (co-)responsible for the sustainability transition of your organization. Although sustainability is high on the agenda, and is even part of the strategy, the actual value is not simple. Plenty of ideas about “how it should be”. The difficulty is doing it. This quickly results in overload on all fronts, as a result of which the strategy execution stagnates and frustrations increase.

Follow the masterclass with dr. ir. Linda Kester (founding partner at JigsEye and scientific expert in strategy execution) and Elfrieke van Galen (founder of TheRockGroup (TRG) and non-executive, sometimes with the sustainability portfolio at various large organizations, such as Schiphol, GVB and Meerlanden).

Elfrieke focuses on being a structural speaker of sustainability in organizations, from her roles as director, advisor and keynote speaker. She previously brought her passion for sustainability to light as Senior Vice President CSR and CEO at KLM cityhopper. Elfrieke knows like no other sides of the sustainability medal when it comes to business operations and realizing change.

Linda is an award-winning scientific expert in strategic portfolio management. Linda has developed pragmatic methodologies to help organizations realize strategy (accelerated) within a context of (digital) innovation and (technological) disruption. Her expertise is continuously creating overview and focus, while the strategic alignment in the organization is guaranteed. Linda is also an executive teacher at Nyenrode and (the KIN Center for Digital Innovation) at VU Amsterdam.

Gain insight into the “how” of long-term creation for your organization. Learn how to choose the right balance, so that the organization has an optimal balance between short and long term. In short, how do you actually implement the sustainability strategy?

Based on scientific research and practical cases you will receive practical tools for the ‘how’ and insights in:

• How to achieve the right sustainability strategy for your organization and remain successful: now and in the future.

• Concrete tools for systematically keeping track of sustainability in the organisation.

• Mechanisms which hinder your organization in the execution of strategies and how to prevent this.

• How overview and focus realize the right choices and actually achieve long-term creation.

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