10-06-2021   New Product Development & Innovation by Nyenrode


10-06-2021 New Product Development & Innovation by Nyenrode

Strategic decision making about innovation portfolio’s in the context of disruption

The life cycle of products and services is becoming shorter and shorter due to digitization and automation. Being able to develop new products or services is important for continuous innovation. For many managers and executives, innovation has thus become a strategic priority.

Currently every organization is in transition due to rapid technological developments and digital disruption. How do you ensure that you use the available resources as effectively as possible to realize the vision and strategy in the short and long term? Do you have a clear picture of the customer needs of the future? Do you understand where the opportunities for innovation are for your organization? How do you ensure that you do the right innovation projects at the right way? This master class in Strategic Portfolio Management provides a clear answer.


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