we are strategy accelerators

We work with executives and their teams to build the anchor point for strategic and digital transformation, while assuring the current business keeps running. A picture says more than a thousand words: We don’t produce big reports. Through our scientifically grounded Strategic Portfolio Framework® methodology you will see exactly, at a glance: how your activities do (not) contribute to (changing) customer needs, where you need to focus, and what you need to do to prepare for a (fast) changing future.

Strategic alignment Solve the organizational disconnect

Independent of your way of working, agile or traditional, we help you create clear overview of how each project, activity, or product does (not) contribute to your strategic transition and your customer’s needs. Gaps become visible, employees become aligned.

Balance Achieve the right focus to speed up execution

A prerequisite for achieving balance in your (strategic) transition, resources spent, and risks taken, is focus. We help you achieve clear focus throughout each step of your strategy execution to assure that your are doing the right things, at the right time and nothing else.

Maximal value Swiftly adapt to a changing environment

Your (future) organizational performance depends on your ability to maximize the value of your portfolio in light of market developments and the strategic course taken. We help you to quickly recognize which activities (no longer) contribute, and provide you the organizational support to reallocate resources.


how we work

We combine years in your shoes as CEO, have academic careers and are true strategy acceleration experts. We have turned our collective heritage of experience and expertise into our unique, scientifically grounded methodologies and ways of working. Our work is rooted in the fundamentals of Strategic Portfolio Management.

What we do works, and we can prove it.

our work

'Rebuilding the ship, while it is sailing'... that's what our customers are confronted with. Disruption lurks or is already happening. Whether it concerns business models, customer bases or ways of working, transformation is needed.

our clients

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BAM Executing on digital transformation in a globally distributed organisation
ATAG Accelerate a major transformation in distribution channels
Comparex From transactional oriented to managed service provider
Encord Accelerating execution of the innovation agenda of an European Association
Saltro Preparing for a shift in your customer base
HZPC How to prepare for (extreme) disruption in your core markets

Working with Jigseye is a great pleasure: a combination of intelligence, deep understanding, clarity, structure, speed, fun, and highly useful results

Menno de Jonge
Director Digital Construction Royal BAM Group

They showed their passion to bridge scientific knowledge and practice while continuously sticking to the strategy. The balanced portfolio prevents overload and speeds up execution.

Jeroen van Benthem
CEO ATAG Benelux

The combination of qualities and expertise of the founders of JigsEye has provided us with great and above all new insights. Substantiated from science and with a very pragmatic approach this means that JigsEye provides added value and is a valuable partner for Comparex.

Michel van Teijlingen
CEO Comparex NL

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"Our scientific background delivers the data driven proof; our business experience makes that what we do actually works."

about us

JigsEye is a boutique consultancy firm that works with executive boards and their teams across industries and in an international context. The founders, Sonja Schasfoort and Linda Kester, are two analytical, creative powerhouses that personally represent the different sets of “eyes” of JigsEye. Coming from very different backgrounds, they have united in their quest to enable “transformation” by delivering an effective, to the point approach that is always grounded in scientific research and executive experience.