More than a decade of in-depth scientific research, performed by JigsEye partner Dr. Ir. Linda Kester, amongst more than 250 organizations has revealed that those who are effective in strategic portfolio management have a proven higher overall market performance. These firms typically accelerate and execute their strategy more effectively in comparison to their peers, while safeguarding current business results.

The in-depth research resulted in the scientific causal Strategy Acceleration Model® and the Strategic Portfolio Framework® methodology that have been awarded by amongst others ISBM, ISPIM, PDMA, MSI and TU Delft. Both approaches combined with years of business experience form the basis of the work of JigsEye.

Scientific insights on Strategic Portfolio Management:

Strategic portfolio management essentially encompasses the dynamic decision making processes through which firms make resource allocation decisions.

Firms wishing to stay profitable in the short term while achieving long term growth are dependent on developing the right sets of new products and services for the right markets. In order to do so it is crucial to allocate the firm’s limited resources effectively and continuously decide: which new projects to select, which running projects to continue or terminate, and which existing products and services to support or delete.

Research identified strategic portfolio management as one of the most important strategic decision making processes for firm success, but also one of the most challenging ones. In light of market developments, digital transformation, (fast) changing customer needs, strategic transition, and limited funds, firms frequently struggle with:

Strategic portfolio management effectively contributes to tackle the struggles mentioned. Three dimensions have proven to be key:

The scientifically grounded Strategy Acceleration Model® shows the why and how of strategy execution: It pinpoints which organizational mechanisms hinder and enable effective strategic portfolio management, encompassing both the formal and informal aspects of decision making and ways of working. This causal model enables benchmarking of (parts of) organizations to identify key bottlenecks that make their strategy execution less effective.

The Strategic Portfolio Framework® methodology provides the backbone for strategy acceleration: It creates the visual anchor point for overview, focus, and agility and enables organizational alignment.